The passion to guide travelers to their desired destinations has led UMG Travel to become one of the top travel companies in the country. Whether it’s designing a custom business travel program, a unique meeting or incentive trip, or an unforgettable personal vacation, a commitment to the needs of the customer allows our staff to offer an unmatched experience for the travel manager, meeting planner, business traveler and vacation traveler. This unwavering focus, in addition to a dynamic, energetic and exciting travel culture, ensures our customers have access to industry-leading tools and technology, supported by the genuine care and concern of our database of associated travel application partners.

UMG Travel was developed and founded by Mr. Ruben J Burgos, Owner & Architect of Urban Media Global Network Collective & Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network. With a passion in being the greatest business man and creative director in multiple industries which include film, music, fashion, cars and now UMG Travel destinations beyond your local trip advisor.

Here are some of his founded design companies that have overall dominate:

Spot A Nerd powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. With many customers worldwide and thousands of domain names under management, Spot A Nerd is the place people come to name their idea, build a professional website, attract customers and manage their work. []

Architect & Founder of Urban Media Global Network Collective & Artist Promotion Multimedia Music Network Mr. Ruben J Burgos. Official entrepreneur and philanthropist dominating the music, fashion, film and car industry. []

Brand ambassador brand to provide outstanding professional consulting services and distinguished instruction to our Clients, in a wide range of music industry disciplines, including, but not limited to; artist development, marketing, promotion, advertising, songwriting, composing, arranging, intellectual property, publishing, touring, distribution, producing and merchandising, along with advanced career guidance and direction. Mr. Dope Chef strives to cultivate the highest possible level of Client achievement through passionate, inspirational and innovative contributions to every project that he takes part in. []

Team Dope Chef is a global marketing, promotional syndication film, music and fashion organization assisting those of all talents within any entertainment industry.  Anyone in the industry can benefit from utilizing their respective Team Dope Chef in there state.  Team Dope Chef are one of the major collective affiliates of Urban Media Global Network Collective founded by Mr. Ruben J Burgos Sr. aka “Mr. Dope Chef” which is a global entertainment leader and business mogul who has an organization that offers life changing opportunities and support so that the individuals and businesses he can assist can progress personally, professionally and financially. []