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Fats contain two fatty acid chains. Multiple Choice 5. Lipids a. are mostly hydrophilic. b. are very soluble in water. c. contain many polar groups. d. are hydrophobic, and not water soluble. e. Answers a, b, and c are correct. 6. A a. b. c. d. 34 saturated fatty acid contains one carbon-carbon double bond. contains two carbon-carbon double bonds. contains many carbon-carbon double bonds. does not contain double bonds. Chapter 3 Molecules and Macromolecules of Life Topic Test 3: Answers 1. False.

All of the other molecules have polar groups present. 5. e. Only the amino group tends to gain a hydrogen ion, and thus is a weak base. 6. d. All of the other groups are polar or charged. 7. Methyl groups are nonpolar because, as pointed out in the first chapter, bonded carbon and hydrogen atoms share pairs of electrons equally. As a result, there is an equal charge distribution between carbon and hydrogen atoms. 30 Chapter 3 Molecules and Macromolecules of Life TOPIC 2: CARBOHYDRATES KEY POINTS ,/ What is the general chemicalJormulaJor carbolrydrates?

The other answers did not have all four of these elements. 5. c. The alpha-helix is one kind of secondary structure. It was proposed as such by Linus Pauling, who was awarded two Nobel prizes during his life. 6. In each position there are 20 possibilities, one for each of the 20 amino acids. The following reasoning can be used: For two linked amino acids there are 20 X 20 = 20 2 = g 400 possibilities; for three linked amino acids there are 20 X 20 X 20 = 20 = 8,000 00 different triplets; ... so for 400 linked amino acids there would be 20+ possibilities.

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