Zhenpeng Su's A Global Kinetic Model for Electron Radiation Belt Formation PDF

By Zhenpeng Su

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This thesis specializes in the development and alertness of an electron radiation belt kinetic version together with numerous adiabatic and non-adiabatic approaches. The terrestrial radiation belt used to be came upon over 50 years in the past and has obtained a resurgence of curiosity in recent times. the most drivers of radiation belt examine are the elemental technological know-how questions surrounding its complicated and dramatic dynamics and especially its strength dangers posed to space-borne structures. The institution of physics-based radiation belt types might be in a position to establish the contributions of varied mechanisms, forecast the long run radiation belt evolution after which mitigate its antagonistic area climate effects.

Dr. Su is now an Professor works in division of Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, college of technological know-how and expertise of China, Hefei, China.

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577, X 1 = 0 and X 2 = 1. On both sides, the resonance orders n = 0, ±1, . . , ±5 are taken into account. , Li et al. 2007; Shprits et al. 2009a, b; Subbotin et al. 2010; Su et al. 2009a, 2011a, b, c, 2010a, c; Xiao et al. 2009, 2010b). 1 shows the two-dimensional distribution of diffusion rates for the nightside and dayside chorus waves in the (αe , E k ) space, and Fig. 2 plots the diffusion coefficient profiles at the selected energies. Obviously, the pitch-angle and momentum diffusion rates behave smoothly, but the cross diffusion rates exhibit rapid and significant fluctuations which can easily lead to numerical instability (Albert 2004; Albert and Young 2005).

2011c). , Li et al. 2007; Su et al. 2011c). The dayside and nightside chorus waves can produce the local acceleration of energetic electrons especially at large pitch-angles. The hiss wave is able to efficiently redistribute electrons along pitch-angle and drive the near-equatorially mirroring electrons toward the loss cone. EMIC waves can rapidly scatter the energetic electrons into loss cone and produce precipitation loss to atmosphere. The radial diffusion coefficient D L L consists of magnetic field perturbation D LML and electric field perturbation D LEL , modeled by (Brautigam and Albert 2000; Albert et al.

0 MeV are overestimated by about 3, 6, and 5 times at the large pitch-angles, and by about 10, 50, and 200 times at the small pitch-angles, respectively. These results suggest that cross diffusion plays an important role in chorus-electron cyclotron resonance. 2 Hiss We assume constant electron density along the magnetic field line, and set the equatorial ω pe /| e | = 15 (Li et al. 2007). 3 Idealized Simulations 23 (a) (e) (b) (f) (c) (g) (d) (h) Fig. 1 Distribution of nightside (left) and dayside (right) chorus-driven diffusion rates in the (αe , E k ) space 24 2 Local Diffusion (a) (d) (b) (e) (c) (f) Fig.

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