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Fortunatus in the next century uses it with well-designed effect in the Vexilla regis prodeunt: arbor decora et fulgida ornata regis purpura, electa digno stipite tam sancta membra tangere, and it is used likewise in the Quem terra pontus aethera: o gloriosa domina excelsa super sidera, qui te creavit provide lactasti sacro ubere. Until the eleventh century rime continued to appear in liturgical verse, but it rarely persisted through all the lines of a hymn. The one-syllabled rime is used almost without exception, because the favourite hymn-metres, such as the iambic dimeter, did not lend themselves to a rime of two syllables.

Chron. , Ss. VII, p. 216, 'regulamque S. Benedicti patris de ipso codice, quem ipse suis sanctis manibus exaravit, transcriptum direxit'. 4 Blume, p. 77, makes the point that the Vesper hymns of Group A regard Vespers as a night-office, thus pointing to an earlier date than those of B, which are composed for a day-office. This may be so; but as Benedict made Vespers a day-office (Bäumer, ii. 254), the Benedictine hymnal should reflect this fact, whereas the hymnal of Arles would not necessarily do so.

The expansion of Benedictinism, not merely by means of new foundations but by the gradual acceptance of the Rule by existing monasteries,1 may explain, at any rate in part, the success of the Benedictine hymnary. But it is not safe to assume with too much confidence that Rule and hymnary went together. The Rule might be observed at Murbach in the ninth century,2 but we may still find the scribes there copying the 'Gallican' hymnary. But the tide of observance was doubtless followed by the hymnary, as in England and Germany.

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