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By Steve Kemper

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A real tale that opponents the travels of Burton or Stanley for pleasure, and surpasses them in medical achievements.

In 1849 Heinrich Barth joined a small British excursion into unexplored areas of Islamic North and valuable Africa. one after the other his partners died, yet he carried on on my own, ultimately achieving the fabled urban of gold, Timbuktu. His five-and-a-half-year, 10,000-mile event ranks one of the maximum trips within the annals of exploration, and his discoveries are thought of fundamental via glossy students of Africa.

Yet as a result of moving politics, ecu preconceptions approximately Africa, and his personal thorny character, Barth has been virtually forgotten. most of the people hasn't ever heard of him, his epic trip, or his still-pertinent observations approximately Africa and Islam; and his huge five-volume Travels and Discoveries in North and valuable Africa is unusual even in libraries. through providing the 1st biography on Barth in English, Steve Kemper is going some distance to rescue this interesting determine from obscurity.

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