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By E. Morawska

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This book proposes a brand new theoretical framework for the research of immigration. It examines 4 significant matters informing present sociological experiences of immigration: mechanisms and results of overseas migration, methods of immigrants' assimilation and transnational engagements, and the variation styles of the second one iteration.

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5 Prejudice and discrimination against newcomers by mainstream American society and its institutions have certainly been enduring features of immigrants’ experience then and now. Contrary to the present-day matter-of-fact representation of the descendants of turn-ofthe-twentieth-century South and East Europeans in the United States as “naturally white,” native-born Americans perceived earlier immigrants as “other” and a racially inferior species. The meaning of the concept of race accepted at the turn of the twentieth century differed from presentday understanding in that it was more inclusive and ambiguous.

The arrival in America of masses of immigrants then and now, both then and now appearing different from and, thus, threatening, to the dominant population, has led to increased concerns among the native-borns about the security of their neighborhoods and work and about the survival of American values, and to a heated public debate about imposing limits on this influx. Unlike today’s debate, however, public pronouncements regarding immigrants a century ago referred to them, as we have seen, in openly racist language representing the new arrivals as inferior and a threat to the integrity of American society.

I briefly note the already-identified dissimilarities in the structural contexts of turn-of-the-twentieth-century and contemporary immigrants’ experiences in the host, American society and in their agentic orientations and practices which account for this contrast. Present-day educated and skilled immigrants’ socioeconomic contacts with native-born Americans in the context of the officially sanctioned and legally protected principle of pluralism give those immigrants—those assimilating in mainstream upward as well as in ethnic-path modes—the practical assurance and the projective expectation of their individual and group right to adapt to American society in the ways they choose and a sense of entitlement to display it in public if they wish so: in the décor of their homes, food, dress, ethnic composition of and language used in communication with their friends, forms, and intensity of contacts with their home country.

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