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By Arved Ashby

Recordings at the moment are the first manner we pay attention classical track, particularly the extra summary kinds of “absolute” instrumental tune. during this unique, provocative publication, Arved Ashby argues that recording expertise has remodeled our figuring out of artwork song. Contesting the laments of nostalgic critics, Ashby sees recordings as socially revolutionary and tools of a musical vernacular, but additionally unearths that recording and absolute tune really contain comparable notions of removal sound from context. he's taking inventory of technology's effect on classical track, addressing the questions on the middle of the problem. This erudite but concise learn unearths how mechanical replica has remodeled classical musical tradition and the very act of listening, breaking down aesthetic and generational limitations and combining classical tune into the soundtrack of daily life.

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F. McKenzie, Marshall McLuhan, Roland Barthes, Richard Rorty, Jacques Attali, Susan Sontag, and beyond—may seem chaotic, but these thinkers do have significant convergences when it 22 / Introduction comes to my subjects. The book, to return for a moment to the points suggested by its title, addresses the problem of unlimited reproducibility and the impact this has had on subjectivity, memory, and convention. Benjamin, Bergson, and Attali have each explored this area in their different but complementary ways, through notions of capitalism, repetition, epistemology, and the machine.

As already mentioned, recordings embody certain aspects of both written and oral texts. They are readable texts, first, because they are coded entities requiring a specific form of literacy above and beyond taking in the performance in the concert hall, aurally, without mediation. 6 The most influential recording artists—Glenn Gould, Herbert von Karajan, and Leopold Stokowski serving as key examples—have understood this phonographic literacy, savoring it and developing it. Even beyond basic aspects of phonographic literacy, recordings are texts in that they are closed, circumscribed, structured, posed, edited, and otherwise mediated in a way that requires “reading” as well as listening.

Innovations in audio electronics speed up the increase-decrease of a music’s popularity, certainly, but in introducing sambas and sonatas to new cultures and manners of construal they also serve to broaden their significance. Some see the iPod as they saw the Walkman twenty-five years ago: as an instrument of aural wallpaper and mindless distraction. ” It is my belief, in the end, that the currency of classical music bears little if any connection to issues of education and commercialism; the only real concern is access to and distribution of the music, and that is now largely a technological concern.

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