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By Elizabeth A. Hanley

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In his discussion of dance as an art form in African cultures, the late Ghanaian dancer, scholar, and teacher Albert Mawere Opoku explains its organic relationship with music. ” Dance facilitates all phenomena and provides a link to both the ancestral world and the divine world. African dance requires a musical sophistication in order to adequately participate within the rhythmic framework of a particular movement. ” According to Opoku, the drumming, singing, and clapping play an equally important “role in the drama of African community life.

They are able to socialize with friends, and the dance is held in high regard because it is a tradition in Opobo (Nigeria). The dance ends with the mask jumping off a roof, which it is believed to have ascended to unaided. West African Dances 47 Another mask dance is Ijele, which reflects the beauty, elegance, nobility, and wealth of the Ibo people of Nigeria. Ijele depicts Ibo life in all its complexities. Many animal, human, and spiritual figures are part of the mask. The mask is large (four to six feet high) and is sometimes considered the king of masks, although it can be subordinate to certain ancestral masks that are feared because of their mystical power.

Women do not traditionally perform movements from the Doundoumba, but when it is performed on stage, they dance movements from the Mandiani dance. Instruments used include the djimbe, a goblet-shaped hand drum that makes a high, crisp sound, as well as doun doun, doundoumba, sangba, and kenkeni—different names for different sizes of the same double-headed, cylindrical drum. Pele pele ka ngwu ji ana is the last dance of the Agaba performance. ” The masks and musicians exit the arena doing this dance.

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