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By Ze'ev Maghen

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Islam prides itself on being “the faith of facility”. Muslim assets are unanimous in assigning to Judaism the function of counterweight during this regard, announcing it a process of “burdens and shackles” during which the Jews “oppressed their souls”. This neat polarity either fueled, and was once the fabricated from, a desirable reciprocal technique: whilst that sharî'a used to be being created within the damaging photo of halakha, halakha was once being retroactively re-imagined by way of Muslim jurists and exegetes because the antipode of sharî'a . even if scholarly experiences of the intertexture of Islam and Judaism abound, few have touched upon the Muslim tradition’s notion and usage of Jewish legislations, and none has performed so intensive. This booklet goals to fill that lacuna and additional our realizing of the age-old embody and grapple among the 2 faiths.

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Weir; Edinburgh: John Grant, 1923], 102). This is evidently his way of portraying what tradition describes as the nights of Ramadan during which Gabriel taught Muhammad the Qur'än. 15 19:12 26 2. Clemency as Policy f o r y o u ( w a - m i n al-layli fa-tahajjad bihi näfilatan laka), f o r the fulfillm e n t of w h i c h y o u r L o r d m a y exalt y o u t o a high s t a t i o n " ( Q . 1 7 : 7 9 ) . A l t h o u g h the issue of n o c t u r n a l d e v o t i o n s is h i g h l y c o m p l e x a n d s h o t - t h r o u g h w i t h exegetical a n d juristic d i s p u t e s , 3 the f o l l o w i n g c o m p o s i t e s k e t c h m a y r e s p o n s i b l y b e o f f e r e d .

2 6 " G o d the Exalted did not send me to sow difficulties or cause vexation," testified the Prophet. " 2 7 Because, in the final analysis, "Allah imposes ligious and political authorities who resist the enforcement of the strict letter of the law on many occasions. 26 The former declaration is appended to the permission afforded those sick or traveling to perform ablutions with sand when water is unavailable; the latter statement follows the clause allowing those sick or traveling to make up missed Ramadan fast days on an equivalent number of alternate days (a substitution somewhat reminiscent of the right, granted by the Pentateuch to those "defiled by a corpse or on a long journey," to observe a "second P a s s o v e r " [ N u m b e r s , 9:6-8]).

1 7 Allah sent down verses to protect the weakest element of society: "Approach not the property of the orphan save with the proper motivation (ilia bi'llatl hiya ahsanu - Q. 6:153)"; and "Lo! 4:10). 18 When apprised of these divine admonitions, those Muslims who had orphans in their care began to separate their own fare from that of their wards, lest they inadvertantly encroach upon the portion of a parentless child and incur eternal damnation. Guardians ceased supping with their dependents, and in some cases even stayed shy of their own homes during meal time.

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