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By Nigel Guy Wilson

ISBN-10: 3110018985

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8 1 c5v-rt •A&nvaTos 1" (Iliad 8.

2. 6. 3. lEvos. laV e\rrrp6AT)1TTOV TOOV avyyevoov TOV oa{ov Kal nopev6els cxV-ran6aToi\osl O"Tas trrl TOV T61TOV

Hesseling, Paris 1931. See also N. H. Baynes, OrChrPer 13. 1947. 404---14 (reprinted in his Byzantine studies and other essays, London 1966). 70 (p. e1crev a\rrov els To &-rro llepos Tfis ;r6i\eoos e[s 1TV6jlevcx 1TACXTCxVOV. ,aev Se tv cx\nij lllKpav s 6vp(Scx 86ev Kcxl avve-niyxcxvev Tois ;rpos a\rrov tpxollevo•s. >v: 'the monk', who was the narrator of the preceding story. 2 literally the Aramaic for 'father', as found in the N. >v) without regard to age. >S, 'in the region outside the city'.

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