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1 [ ¯ Epitope Residues HLAclass I restricted 1 2 3 4 5 Po161-69 Po1455-463 Po1575-583 Po1773-782 Pol 803-811 Figure 2 continued. 2 3 4 ~ l ¯ ¯ l I Sot,rce Reference AAseqoence HLA GLYSSTVPV GLSRYVA-RL A2 AVHPBL A2 AVH PBL 46 46 FLLSLGIHL I LRGTSFVYV A2 A2 AVH PBL 46 SLYADSPSV A2 AVH PBL 46 AVIIPBL 46 Annual Reviews Annu. Rev. Immunol. 13:29-60. org by HINARI on 08/31/07. For personal use only. IMMUNOPATHOGENESIS OF VIRAL HEPATITIS 39 Useof this strategy has determinedthat patients with self-limited acute hepatitis develop a vigorous, polyclonal, HLAclass I-restricted CTLresponse against multiple epitopes in the HBV envelope, nucleocapsid, and polymerase proteins (12, 66).

59. 1964. Single cell studies on 19S antibody formation. J. Exp. Med. 119:485-502 Pike BL, Alderson MR,Nossal GJV. 1987. Rev. 99:119-52 Nossal GJV, Warner NL, Lewis H. 1971. Incidenceof ceils simultaneouslysecreting IgMand lgG antibody to sheep erythrocytes. Cell. 2:41-53 Pike BL, Raubitschek A, Nossal GJV. 1984. Humaninterleukin-2 can promotethe growthand differentiation of single haptenspecific B cells in the presence of specific antigen. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA 81:7917-21 Pike BL, Nossal GJV.

All of these Annual Reviews Annu. Rev. Immunol. 13:29-60. org by HINARI on 08/31/07. For personal use only. 32 CHISARI& FERRARI polypeptides contain hepatitis B surface antigen (HBsAg),while aminoterminal extensions containing the preS2 antigen or the preS2- plus preS 1 antigens are present on the middleand large envelopepolypeptides, respectively. All three envelopepolypeptides are essential componentsof the infectious virion (Dane particle) that forms by budding into the lumenof the endoplasmicreticulum (ER); the virion is secreted after glycosylation of enveloperesidues in the Golgi apparatus (19).

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